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Combi TCE Free shipping in lower U.S. 48 states
Combi TCE Free shipping in lower U.S. 48 states
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MADE IN THE USA !!! Since 1927

  This is our most complete kit of tools. Now we are including a strop and compound to keep your tools sharp.All tools are razor-sharp!!

 Kit includes:

CWH-RLJ Rosewood handle with solid brass 3 way Lock-jaw  wrench

 1LJP Walnut palm handle with solid brass 3 way Lock-jaw.

8 hand forged gouges-

 LBG #7 sweep 5/16" long bent gouge

 PTV1 75 degree Vee 1/4"

PTV2 75 degree 1/8"

 STG #9 sweep straight shank gouge 1/4"

 STC straight chisel 3/8"

 SFTG #1 fishtail gouge 3/8"

 SKU #2 Skew 3/8"

SBG #9 sweep short bent gouge 1/4"

 Large blade # LD2 1/2"wide x 3"long x .050 thick heavy-duty blade.

 6SBL- 6 blade assortment- includes curved and straight blades 5/16"wide x 2 1/4" long x .030thick

 Sharpening strop 1" x 6" double-sided leather Strop Compound, Arkansas Stone 1" x 2 3/4" x 1/4" Cedar Box

Customer Reviews

Review by  Hrccw
(posted on Oct 16, 2017)
These are some of the best carving tools i have ever used, i love the way the handle feels in your hand and the blades hold a amazing edge! Would definitely purchase again but the quaility is so good i dont think i will need another set
Review by  CD
(posted on Sep 11, 2015)
Upon receiving the wood carving tools, I was greatly impressed. They are solid and great quality. Additionally, the customer service is outstanding. Warren Cutlery tools are great products.
Review by  Steveo
(posted on May 05, 2012)
Wonderfully gratifying to see and to use these great tools. Half the joy of wood carving is just the tactile nature of using wonderful tools to create equally wonderful works of whimsy and art. These tools are both halves of woodcarving rolled into one. Great job, Warren Tols.
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