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Combi T2- Free Shipping in lower 48 states
Combi T2- Free Shipping in lower 48 states
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MADE IN THE USA !! Rhinebeck,NY

This kit includes: *CWH-3 walnut handle 3.75" long with a three way solid brass jaw chucking system(holds large and small blades as well as our interchangeable chisels and gouges).

 Three large heavy duty blades(made from high carbon tool steel double tempered & hardened to Rockwell 60 C-scale): *LS1(1/2" x 3" x .050"),*LS4(1/2" x 3" x .050") and *LK5(1/2" x 3" x .050" thick)

 6 custom forged chisels:

 *LBG #7 sweep 5/16" long bent gouge,

*PTV-1 75 degree V 1/4",

 *STG #9 sweep straight shank gouge 1/4",

 *STC straight chisel. 3/8",

*SKU #2 Skew chisel 3/8"

*SBG #9 sweep short bent gouge 1/4"

Also included: *Tool chest that features a vinyl covered steel box with piano hinges and custom formed inserts to make sure all tools are a snug fit. ALL TOOLS COME RAZOR-SHARP!!

Customer Reviews

Review by  brownie
(posted on Jun 03, 2016)
I have had these tools for twenty years, and they are as good as the day I bought them. High quality, awesome portability, made in America, great price, what more could you ask for?!!!!!!
Review by  Bradinsc
(posted on Jul 20, 2014)
I am fairly new to carving. One of leaders of the club I joined deals in Warren carving knives and gouges. I am very glad he does, he steered me in the right direction for the knives and gouges I would need, all Warren.......... all Wonderful! Very well made, takes a wicked edge with very little honing, and keeps its edge! You cannot go wrong with these!
Review by  JIMIDUP
(posted on Apr 30, 2013)
This is the only company Ive found that makes one handle multiple tool sets. I carve 90% on the fly (mountains, beach and desert) they take up way less space on the motorcycle. I wont buy any other brand. They literally push through oak as if it was ice cream. No tapping required.
Review by  Whittin' Wil
(posted on Aug 20, 2012)
These are the finest wood carving tools I'v ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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