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LW6 Carving Blade
LW6 Carving Blade
Sale price: $4.95

Part LW6 - LW6 Carving

EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY BLADE For wood carving and other heavy duty jobs. 1/2" wide x 3"long x .050" thick.


Razor-Sharp Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Review by  J
(posted on Dec 07, 2017)
Great blade. This sounds like many of the tacky reviews you always read, but I wont use the other knives that I have accumulated for years again while I can use this one. Easy to sharpen and does keep the edge longer than any other carving knife I have used.
Review by  Chainlink
(posted on Mar 10, 2017)
I agree with all the reviews here, simply put, this is a woodcarver's Dream Blade. It is well made, easy to sharpen and holds an edge for a long time if the strop is used correctly and frequently. Excellent product for the carving world.
Review by  Smitty
(posted on Feb 10, 2017)
I have used this blade for years to make carving for my new students the blade stays sharp. I make my own handles but he has been times I have used the handles. I use one when go to places where I can not take my regular tools. I found that by reversing the blade you can put it in your pocket. Great blade
Review by  Sawdust 2
(posted on Dec 14, 2013)
I decided to try this blade to make a custom mini-chip carving knife; the 9/32 hole is perfect to secure blade with a bicycle bib in a custom handle. The results are fantastic; happy I ordered 3 blades!
Review by  Woodbutcher
(posted on Feb 05, 2013)
I make my own knives.i
I buy lw6 carving blade. The best blade I
I can buy they are extremely sharp and can keep them sharp with a strop.
Review by  Arp@BYKOTA
(posted on Sep 04, 2012)
This is a terrific blade. I found that first stropping on a 800 grit silicon carbide
loaded strop and then stropping on a chromium oxide (green compound) loaded
strop really brought out its cutting properties. You can maintain the blade
this way for a long time without any other action.
Review by  MCorder
(posted on Aug 02, 2011)
I used this blade as well to make my own carving knife. I have large hands that require a large knife, this allowed me to customize this to my needs!
Review by  Fritz
(posted on Jul 22, 2011)
I have used this blade to make my own handles on. Very blades an again very sharp out of the package. A versatile blade when carving.
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