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K91-2 Free Shipping in U.S. lower 48 states
K91-2 Free Shipping in U.S. lower 48 states
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MADE IN THE USA ! Since 1927

Kit includes: CWH-3 Walnut handle thats tough+ durable with a three way solid brass jaw chucking system(holds large and small blades as well as our interchangeable chisels and gouges).

 6SBL:Set of 6 interchangeable knife blades(made from high carbon tool steel double tempered & hardened to Rockwell 60 C-scale): 

#20(15/16" radius)

#21 straight blade

#11  angled straight blade

#10 curved 15/16" radius

#8 curved w/2" radius)

 #22 curved w/ 2"radius

LW6 .050x 1/2"w x 3"l Heavy duty blade

 ALL TOOLS COME RAZOR SHARP!!!! This is a great starter kit you can add many accessories to after you get started with your hobby

Customer Reviews

Review by  Matthew
(posted on Aug 14, 2018)
I got this basic kit from a nearby blade and knife store. The quality of the blades is exquisite, my only complaint is regarding the handle. As the wood near the brass jaw has a couple small cracks, they don't seem to be getting worse. However it may just be a design flaw with all handles, as I can imagine the jaw being inserted could cause the wood to crack slightly
Review by  Jeffrey Dooley
(posted on Dec 19, 2017)
I just purchased set and had no problem getting blades [big and small] to "stay" in handle. I would suggest "Chess" put the blades in the slot cut for the blades !
Review by  Jase
(posted on Nov 04, 2015)
These were some of the first wood carving tools that I owned, since I have gotten them I have bought many more tools, from the chisels you can get in box stores up to "high end" tools, but I always go back to my Warrens when working on a piece. I have had these tools for years and they remain razor sharp longer than any other tool I own, when they finally do begin to dull, all that is needed is a quick strop and they go 100 more miles. Do not fear investing in this kit these are truly impressive tools and I honestly can't say enough about them.
Review by  Chess
(posted on Sep 17, 2015)
I just bought this set on Amazon, and I cannot figure out how to get the smaller blades to stay in the handle. Very disappointed.
Review by  Dave
(posted on May 31, 2013)
Is started carving with Warren Knives 20 years ago. I still prefer them over any others. Once I learned how to sharpen knife blades, I stopped throwing out the dull blades, and have used the same Warren Blades now for about 12 years. Can't go wrong with Warren!
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