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JRX 6.0 Anatomcal hande
JRX 6.0 Anatomcal hande
Sale price: $17.99


Soft grit 6"long anatomical handle with lock jaws.

Hold all Warren Blades and chisels

Lock-jaw wrench included

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Review by  Mathcarver
(posted on Mar 28, 2018)
I have had this longer handle for many years. I accidentally ran across the longer handle in a shop while vacationing in Arkansas. I had always used the shorter handles but they never fit my hands because I have huge hands. When I saw this longer handle, I fell in love with it. I had some health issues and I had not carved for about 3 months. I picked up my favorite long handle today and the rubber grip had gotten real sticky and gooey and to hold it is horrible. I am ordering one possibly 2. If you want a larger, longer handle I would highly recommend this one. Thanks Warren tool for making such fantastic tools. Hopefully I will get another 20 or more years out of this one. Mathcarver
Review by  Chainlink
(posted on Mar 10, 2017)
I have been using the CWH-3 handle for close to 20 years or more. It was my favorite handle and I was devastated when I lost it while on an exercise walk about a month ago. After hours of our searching the area, it was decided that I had to order a new handle.
I replaced it with the JRX 6.0 Anatomical Handle and in the very short time I have had it, it has proven to be another great handle. Members of our Carving club have been looking and trying the JRX 6.0 and they are all impressed with it.
Thanks again for a fine product.

Review by  Sagegrass
(posted on Aug 03, 2011)
Sorry, but Americans spell "hand or handle" a little different than you do! Oops, somebody made a mistake, rite?
One thing is certain; however, Warren Cutlery makes the best products in the world. Who cares how they spell !
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