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7pc Laminated steel tool set
7pc Laminated steel tool set
Sale price: $62.99

7 pc. Laminated gouge tool set. Wonderful super sharp set great for fine details. Mirror polished ready to use.

 Sharpens perfect with Flex-Strop

  5 gouge w/ # 8 sweep 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm,6.0mm,7.5mm

 1-gouge w/ # 1 sweep 9mm

  1-  gouge w/ # 3 sweep 9mm

 Steel hardness Rockwell 64C

Hardwood handle 4.75"

Tools length 1"

Customer Reviews

Review by  Windy
(posted on Mar 03, 2014)
These are fine quality tools, and I find the handles especially comfortable for doing delicate work. The "fingernail" gouge shown on the far right is especially useful, like a smaller version of the FHFTG-R round nose fishtail, which I am also very fond of. These pack nicely in to a pocket-size tool set for travel.
Review by  tallr
(posted on Jan 24, 2013)
Bob M review should not be included as part of the star rating because he asks questions and is not reviewing the actual usage of the product just as my star rating should not be used.
Review by  sjjzm5 on ebay
(posted on Mar 07, 2012)
I got the 7 piece set from my son. I started carving small christmas ornaments and I fell in love with the feel of these tools..............They fit bigger hands really well............I think these tools are way better than the palm chisels.........I only wish Warren would produce a better variety of chisels and gouges with this product..............Thanks again for a great product.
Review by  Bob M
(posted on Jan 16, 2012)
I can't tell from your listing what I would be buying. Are there 7 gouges, 7 V tools - Or can I list any 7 from the individual tools listed below for $8 or $9 apiece? Do you have the Rc hardness of the tools listed for the carving edges? The pictures are too small to tell.
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